There is no Goodbye, Chunky Rice

OMG Hi everyone!

So the pretty damn cool thing I’m up to lately is collaborating with Annie Mok on a short story I wrote and she’s illustrating. We’re gonna have a zine ready to show in a couple months, prolly, and I cannot even tell you how fucking excited I am about the whole thing! I’ve always wanted to create comic/graphic novel stuff, ever since I was really little, but I could never draw to save my freaking life (for reals, I coloured outside the lines but only because I didn’t have the manual dexterity to do otherwise). So seeing this get close to completion is pretty damn cool.

Anyway. More on that when it’s ready to go. I have a lot of other little pieces I’ve been working on too.

In other news, I have a job now. I work at a little bookstore/cafe in the Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg. For the Americans, it’s like the equivalent of Park Slope or that chunk of Southeast Portland around Ladd’s Addition. Except way less overpriced and annoying. And I even know how to make a cappucino now. It’s lonely here, of course it is, but it’s quiet and peaceful and being able to afford my own apartment with no roommates is honestly something I’m so ridiculously grateful for. I have no bookshelves but have stacked them all against the living room wall and it looks like a little quilt. The building and neighbours seem nice though last night something weird happened around midnight, I had my window open (because even though it’s freezing outside it gets really warm in my apartment) and I was chilling out writing and then some dude knocked on my door. So I didn’t open it and was like hi, what’s up. And he’s like I’m not going to do anything if you open the door, to which I thought OH THERE’S A WINNING LINE and was like no. What’s up. And he was like I just saw your window was open and I wanted to let you know this really creepy guy lives on the second floor, and basically he thought having my window open wasn’t the best idea. I thought of what my friend Sara wrote once “Strange men who warn you to stay away from other strange men are officially dangerous.” Then I opened the door a crack, which was probably stupid, and thanked him and he went away. The whole thing was so weird. What a way to meet your neighbours.

But! In less weird and more awesome news, The Collection is a finalist for a Lambda Literary award and I’m probably going to the ceremony in June. How freaking cool.

In other other news, it is -8C (18F) right now, which is actually warm compared to the last couple weeks where it often got down to -23C (-10F), even before the freaking windchill. I’d also like to point out that it is technically spring. Good to see you too, Canada.WinnipegMarch23rd