Published Work


2021, A Dream of a Woman, Arsenal Pulp Press. (pre-orders here)

2018, Little Fish. Arsenal Pulp Press.

2017, Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy From Transgender Writers. Co-edited with Cat Fitzpatrick. Topside Press.

2014, A Safe Girl To Love. Topside Press.

Selected Short Fiction

2020, “Floodway” (Your Impossible Voice)

2019, “Hazel & Christopher”(Short Story Advent Calendar 2019, Hingston & Olsen Publishing)

2019, “Failure” (Maiden, Mother, Crone: Fantastical Trans Femmes, Bedside Press)

2015, “Couldn’t Hear You Talk Anymore” (The Offing)

2015, “A Love Like In The Movies” (Rookie)

2014, “Lizzy & Annie” (Self-published zine with exclusive illustrations by Annie Mok. They are all gone now, sorry!!)*

2013, “How To Stay Friends” (Plenitude)*

2012, “Other Women” (The Collection: Short Fiction From The Transgender Vanguard: Topside Press)*

(*s indicate stories included in A Safe Girl To Love)

Selected Articles

2021, “There’s Gotta Be More to That Story: Finding Solace in the Delirious Beauty of Mitch Hedberg’s Jokes” (CBC Arts)

2021, “Euphoria‘s Jules Continues to Break Our Hearts” (Xtra)

2020, “6 Safe, Gay And Glittering Ways To Celebrate Pride During A Pandemic” (Chatelaine)

2020, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Deal-breakers” (Xtra)

2020, “Springtime” (CBC Books)

2019, “Evolution of the Trans Memoir” (Xtra)

2019, “At a Trans Singing Conference, Working to Demystify Our Own Voices” (them)

2018, “Pine and Sparkle in the Moonlight: On Rhythm and Grace in Miriam Toews” (The Puritan)

2018, “Gift Guide Week” (All Lit Up)

2018, “An artist’s guide to falling in love with Windsor: Riverside views and a restaurant in an old house” (CBC Arts)

2017, “More Fear, More Love, More Honesty: A Call for Intimacy in the Works of Marginalized Writers” (CBC Arts)

2017, “Before You Write About a Transgender Character, Read This” (CBC Arts)

2017, “Weekend” (Resilience: Heartspark Press)

2016, “No One Makes It Out Alive: A Trans Reading of Little Shop of Horrors” (GUTS) With Morgan M Page.

2016, “Natural Links of Queer and Mennonite Literature” (Journal of Mennonite Studies)

2016, “Zucker’s ‘Therapy’ Mourned Almost Exclusively By Cis People” (Harlot)

2016, “Seeing Lili Elbe” with Jonathan Kay (The Walrus)

2016, “The Query Project: Chandra Mayor” (Plenitude)

2015, Recaps for the show “I Am Cait” (The New York Times ArtsBeat)

2015, “Rise of the Gender Novel” (The Walrus)

2015, “The Days of the Phoenix and The Emerald City” (Untangling The Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships, and Identity: Ooligan Press)

2015, “I Live In The 2nd Coldest City On Earth; Here’s How I Ride Out Winters In Style (xoJane)

2013, “Move Around” (Two Serious Ladies)

2010-2011, “Balls Out: A Column on Being Transgendered” (McSweeney’s Internet Tendency) (P.S. While it seemed pretty funny at twenty-three, I would probably name that column something different today. I have conflicting feelings about it now, for sure, but given that it’s up there for good, well, boorishness lives.)

2011, “A Guide to Towns and Cities (Anomalous Press)

2010, “How To Not Be A Smoker (Cavalier Literary Couture)

Book Reviews

2020, Stoop City by Kristyn Dunnion (Xtra)

2019, We All Will Be Received by Leslie Vryenhoek (Canadian Notes & Queries)

2018, Women Talking by Miriam Toews (The Walrus)

2017, The Bone Mother by David Demchuk (Winnipeg Review)

2017, Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker (Winnipeg Review)

2017, Next Year, For Sure by Zoey Leigh Peterson (Quill & Quire)

2016, Niagara Moteby Ashley Little (Quill & Quire)

2016, Small Beauty by jia qing wilson-yang (Winnipeg Review)

2016, If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo (Plenitude)

2015, “No Heroes” (The Walrus) (on Morgan M Page’s At Land, Sybil Lamb’s I’ve Got A Time Bomb, Trish Salah’s Wanting In Arabic, Dane Figueroa Edidi’s Yemaya’s Daughters, Imogen Binnie’s Nevada)

2015, A Free Man by Michel Basilières (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, My Body is Yours by Michael V. Smith (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, Daydreams of Angels by Heather O’Neill (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, When the Doves Disappeared by Sofi Oksanen (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, Aquarium by David Vann (Winnipeg Free Press)

2015, The First Bad Man by Miranda July (Winnipeg Free Press)

2013, Nevada by Imogen Binnie (My Own Blog)


2014, “Bill C-36 Endangers Sex Workers” (The Manitoban)

2014, “Greer Stomps On My Fragile Freedoms” (Winnipeg Free Press)

2013, “Bullying” (The Manitoban)


2020, Literary Hub. With Madeleine Thien and Avi Cummings.

2020, Lambda Literary. Interviewing Cooper Lee Bombardier.

2018, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. With William Horn.

2018, CBC’s The Next Chapter. With Shelagh Rogers.

2018, PRISM International. With Jessica Johns.

2015, The Walrus. With Chris Berube.

2014, Winnipeg Free Press. With Jen Zoratti.

2014, Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. With Morgan M Page alongside Trish Salah.

2013, Heroines Of My Life. With Monika Casey.

2013, enGender. On Helen Boyd’s blog with questions from T.T. Jax alongside Red Durkin and Imogen Binnie.

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