The day I was setting up this WordPress, the super-talented Annie Mok told me one of my favorite bars in New York had changed its setup. I texted her a lot of caps and the phrase, “I hate everything,” to which she said, “Progress never stops for nostalgic transsexuals.”

I made this site to have a home for links to my published pieces on a place that is not Facebook, and for longer thoughts that Twitter can’t really do justice to.

Informal Bio: I love Miriam Toews more than almost anything. I’m one of those assholes who did an MFA and while I’m glad I did I have a lot of feelings about it. I’m from Manitoba more than anywhere else, but I spent my adolescent/college years in Oregon and for a while I also lived in New York. I’m a trans woman and my writing tends to center around that.  I’m a thoroughbred Menno but don’t speak any Plautdietsch (if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it). I’m one of those gross people who likes the smell of cigarette smoke and age-wise I’m about as Millennial as you get.

E-mail: casey.plett@gmail.com

Twitter: @caseyplett

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/casey.plett

Current Location: Windsor, Ontario


Illustration Carly Bodnar

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