Two of my books were first published by Arsenal Pulp Press, Little Fish (2018) and A Dream of a Woman (2021). You can buy them through the links or at your local independent bookstore.

Two other books of mine were first published by the now-defunct Topside Press, and below are links to free e-copies for both: A Safe Girl to Love (2014) and an anthology I co-edited with Cat Fitzpatrick, Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Transgender Writers (2017).

Please feel free to download and share these at your leisure.

A Safe Girl To Love (PDF)

Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy From Transgender Writers (ePub)


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: These two books were published by Topside Press, whose books can at times be difficult to order. It’s my wish to make them available to anybody who wants to read them.

Q: I would love to take you up on this, but I really prefer physical copies. How do I get them?

A: Meanwhile, Elsewhere can be purchased through LittlePuss Press, which has re-issued the book (I am also one-half of LittlePuss Press). Safe Girl can be purchased through any brick-and-mortar bookstore with an account through Ingram, one of the largest book distributors in the world. It can also be purchased used through AbeBooks: Find listings for Safe Girl here

Q: That’s the rub, girl, I don’t have the money.

A: Try your local library! Even if they don’t have the book, the vast majority of libraries are happy to order in books upon request (and this goes for plenty of books besides just mine obvs!)

Q: Wait wait wait hold the phone—isn’t this copyright infringement? What does your publisher say about this?

A: All books by Topside Press were published under a Creative Commons license that does not make this copyright infringement. Technically I do not need my publisher’s permission to share my books free of charge. However, Topside Press has also always been pro-piracy, so it’s all gravy in multiple ways.

Q: Hold the phone x2: I know Safe Girl is yours, but Meanwhile, Elsewhere is a book you co-edited with Cat Fitzpatrick plus there are twenty-five authors. If I download that instead of buying it, am I screwing anyone?

A: Nope! The anthology was always a non-royalty situation for both editors and authors. If you’d like to support those authors financially though, take a breeze through their bios in the back of the book, many of them are working on other books/projects/Patreons and there are plenty of ways to support them!

Q: I’d like to give you something for these books anyway.

A: No! Please consider giving to Trans Lifeline, both a crisis hotline and a free ID/document change service run for trans people and by trans people.

Q: I’d like to see the table of contents of Meanwhile, Elsewhere, without needing to scroll up and click that link and open it myself, I mean I just don’t want to do that right now, it’d work a lot better for me if I could just see what it’s in it now, immediately, right here:

A: Dude I got you! As below:

Control – Rachel K. Zall
Delicate Bodies – Bridget Liang
What Cheer – RJ Edwards
Satan, Are You There? It’s Me, Laura – Aisling Fae
It Can Grow!!! – Trish Salah
Rent, Don’t Sell – Calvin Gimpelevich
No Comment – Ayşe Devrim
Control Shift Down – Paige Bryony
After The Big One – Cooper Lee Bombardier
Using A Treadmill, You Can Run Until Exhaustion Without Moving – Sadie Avery
Notes From A Hunter Boy – Beckett K. Bauer
Themyscira – Colette Arrand
Cybervania – Sybil Lamb
Under The Rainbow – Janey Lovebomb
Heat Death of Western Human Arrogance – M. Téllez
Thieves And Lovers – Emma Addams
Matchmaker – Dane Figueroa Edidi
Schwaberow, Ohio – Brendan Williams-Childs
It’s Called Fashion – Kaj Worth
Gamers – Imogen Binnie
Imago – Tristan Alice Nieto
Kid Ghost – Nat Buchbinder
The Gift – Ryka Aoki
Visions – Morgan M Page
Angels Are Here To Help You – Jeanne Thornton

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